Текст песни: SUM 41 - "Over My Head (Better Off Dead)"

What happened to you 
You've played the victim for so long now in this game 
What I thought was true 
Is made of fiction and I'm following the same 

But if I try to make sense of this mess I'm in 
I'm not sure where I should begin 
I'm fallin' 
I'm fallin' 

Now I'm in over my head 
with something I said 
Completely misread 
I'm better off dead 
And now I can see 
How fake you can be 
This hypocrisy is beginning to get to me 

It's none of my concern 
Don't look to me because I don't believe in fame 
I guess you never heard 
I've met our makers they don't even know your name 

But if I had to say goodbye to leave this hell 
I'd say my time has served me well 
I'm fallin' 
I'm fallin' 


This came long before 
Those who suffer more 
I'm too awake for this to be a nightmare 

What's with my disgrace 
I lost the human race 
No one plans for it to blow up in their face 

Who said it was easy to put back all these pieces 
Who said it was so easy to put back all of these pieces 


Over my head 
Better off dead 

Over my head 
Better off dead 


SUM 41:

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